Our company is a full skill foundation repair service, we can take all your needs and help you build a stronger home and commercial building foundations that can protect your family and your properties for many years to come.

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Are you looking for cheap foundation repair services? Foundation construction or repair is considered as the most significant investment in your home framing as it holds everything together. It can be costly initially but with the right foundation repair contractors your home investment is safe and you can save more money in the long run. In trusting us, the Foundation Repair Olathe Kansas, your home and commercial foundation project will be constructed according to our advanced proven technical method. We accomplish every task set before us. We do it perfectly right the first time. Our company is a full skill foundation repair service, we can take all your needs and help you build a stronger home and commercial building foundations that can protect your family and your properties for many years to come. We always value our customers, their safety, and their property. For us there is no greater joy in helping you build a better future with our genuine services.

About Us

Foundation Repair Olathe Kansas is a licensed and certified foundation repair specialist. We are proud to be the solution provider for your foundation repair issues. We have been in this industry for nearly two decades, those years of expertise and drive for excellence made us one of the most trusted foundation repair companies in America serving residential and commercial customers. When it comes to restoring foundation support our experts are efficient and effective as possible, and provide you thermoplastic coatings to prevent rust and zinc leaching. You will have additional benefits of having an eco-friendly solution to your foundation issues. We are all trained to provide great satisfaction to our clientele. To know that we exceeded your expectation is a great relief for us. There have been thousands of residential and commercial repair projects that we have done successfully, we are what you need. We can provide you the best foundation repair solution that you can afford. Our given packages cannot hurt your finances but make you save a lot more than hiring a subcontractor to do the job and risk your savings in scheduling many future repairs.

Foundation Contractors Olathe Ks

In Foundation Repair Olathe Kansas we have everything that a foundation repair company has to offer. Our group of independent dedicated contractors that consistently stands out among the rest have built an engineered foundation repair solution to give you a wide range of structural support, foundation repair, grouting, and land retention solution. Our advanced methods and latest technology are designed for your specific needs to ensure you receive geotechnical solutions to your foundation problem. With this we are able to step up from the rest, making our team of foundation contractors as one of the most in demand service providers in Kansas.

Foundation Sealer

Your foundation literally supports your entire house structures so you have to make it strong and reliable. Cracks can weaken your foundation and eventually loss foundation structural integrity that leads to flooded basement, weaker concrete, and possible high future repairs. Contact us if you see cracks in your foundation, the earlier we seal your foundation cracks before it can grow, the easier and affordable it will be. We will provide you with an exact foundation sealing method that will definitely solve your foundation problem such as an epoxy injection method.

Foundation Inspection

We know that investing in foundation repair will cost you a lot that is why we commit to give you our best solution. It is very important to actually check the cause of your foundation problem. When you book for your free consultation our specialist will provide you inspection methods so we will know the real cause of your foundation failure and damage. Our inspection method is useful in diagnosing different types of foundation issues after considering factors affecting foundation to cause failure such as, site factors, construction type and materials, foundation defects of occurrence and omission. We will evaluate properly foundation observations, make a report for the best solution, and give you foundation repair recommendations that will not hurt your wallet.

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French Drains


Concrete Slab Repair


Retaining Wall and Seawall Repair


Multi-Family Residences

Why Hire Us?

Foundation Repair Olathe Kansas is a unique and extraordinary full-service foundation repair company providing true value foundation. By hiring a professional foundation repair contractor, like us, you can save a lot of money and time. Our services are affordable and we do not overcharge our customers but we find ways to lessen their burden by offering different packages that will fit their finances. Our objective is to give you the best services to solve your foundation problem with effective and proven foundation repair solutions. We do not just repair to cover causes of foundation failures like a blanket remedy because we know that by doing those weak solutions it will lead to more life and property risks and more future expenses.

We own innovative technologies to make the foundation repair easy and accurately. Our special expertise and quick work in every foundation repair project makes us known all over Kansas and nearby cities. We also employed selected personnel, skilled, trained, and empowered them to better serve our residential and commercial customers. As one of the most trusted foundation repair companies we secure the perfection and completion of every project. We also provide professional drainage correction to add additional value and a healthier home yard. We employ a quality checker just to give our customers the assurance of a perfect foundation repair project. Our quality checker will check while work in progress the process and ensure every material and methods are well set up to completion. We aim for worry-free foundation repairs and providing our customers with full satisfaction.

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